Wednesday, July 09, 2014

War is over now...

Day 6 of Frome Festival became a flurry of costumes and props as War Zones transferred to Warminster for an afternoon matinee at Wessex MS Therapy Centre ~ thanks for the welcome, the appreciation, and the cakes, guys ~ and then back for our final performance. Albare were having a run-through at Cheese&Grain when Rosie and I called in to check our ticket sales so we caught a bit of their set, paused for snaps in the sunny market yard, then up to the Cornerhouse for another total sell-out show. How did that go? you ask. Brilliant, thought-provoking, different, kaleidoscopic, true, emotional and incredible! ... All excellent. Stunning standard of writing and performance ... Brilliant – powerful writing, marvellous acting – what more could we ask for? ... Fantastic performances by the two totally convincing actors with enormously clever little plays packed with the horror of war ... Brilliant, moving, relevant – a terrific performance! – talented, sensitive writing! ... Thought-provoking, moving, entertaining,topical ... Very powerful – both text and performance. I appreciated the critical points of view often lost in the brain-washing media coverage ... Absolutely brilliant as ever! The best £5 worth anywhere... and more on our Nevertheless Productions page.   All the War Zones scriptwriters, that's Sian Williams, Alison Clink, Brenda Bannister and Nikki Lloyd as well as Rosie Finnegan and me, stayed afterwards in the bar for an informal debrief. We're all delighted with the comments on our writing, and I'm really glad the others are pleased with our direction, a first-time for me.  And now with Danann and Livi headed back to Bristol, life seems suddenly quiet... missing you already.

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