Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 7: musical interlude

Last night's war zone is transformed tonight for a pop-up event in Cornerhouse upstairs room as Al O'Kane hosts the Secret Magical Folk Garden: an evening of mesmeric songs from a series of amazingly talented performers. This year's festival has been brilliant musically but David Waddington's loop-frenzy version of his poignant song Icarus learns to fly will be one of my total highlights of the week. Al's putting on another Magical Folk Garden on Saturday night, not in the brochure but hopefully a more open secret ~ this quality certainly deserves a big audience!
Then on to catch the final set from Seize the Day at the United Reform Church Hall with the Friends of Palestine, a total change of mood to boran and bopping. I first heard this band last century, and I'm thrilled they're still doing Bigger better brighter bullshit and other protest classics.  The line-up was nine tonight, with saxophone and didgeridoo among their instruments, and with new songs too ~ Frack the Frackers was written after a recent visit to Barton Moss. This venue is in the heartland of Frome's radical past and as a rousing rendition of No-one's Slave rang out I imagined the glee of the ghosts in Dissenters' Cemetery half a mile away... A fabulous evening, still mild at midnight, with a nearly-full moon lighting my walk home.  The bike is just bccause I couldn't photograph the vintage cycle ride this afternoon as it was cancelled so I thought I'd show you this one by the Catherine Hill mural, parked by some lavender. Multi-sensual Frome.

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