Saturday, July 05, 2014

Frome Festival day 2... time travel and feasting

A day of art and music in the streets of Frome: The Open Studios trail comprises 62 local artists in twenty venues around the town offering free viewing this & next weekend. I made a start with Sam West's paintings~ so well integrated with her house that this one lives above the cooker ~ the Bennett Centre, and the Old Wool Arts Store where I found driftwood angels and sea-glass jewellery.

Meanwhile authors were gathering for a signing at Hunting Raven bookshop and musicians queuing to perform at the Archangel throughout the day. Here's Bugs, aka Julian Hight, who featured in both line-ups.
Then on to Millenium Green, the start point of Time Walk ~ the story of the earth in a thousand paces, the project Annabelle Macfadyen and I have been working on for months... if not longer. From the supernova explosion that started our solar system to the present moment, "with all our evolutionary history inside us, essentially part of this Earth, made of stardust, and bacteria, and shaped by the fish and reptiles and the early mammals we once were, within the web of life, from the beginning of time." I  seriously did more research for this project than for my degree, but it was terrific fun and our group of walkers was gratifyingly appreciative. Phew. What's next.
Well, the Food Feast, of course (African Kitchen my pick) with the marvellous Street Bandits leading a parade into the market yard where free music plays all night once the mayor, wearing a bio-degradeable chain, has completed the official Festival opening, which took all of two minutes, then hundreds of us watched the Milk Street Band,  then Daisy Chapman & Sue Law, then The Pigeons... ~ that's one of them below ~ and by now evening sunshine is ceding to dusk and I have been dancing with the Lady Mayoress for some time so we all decide to move on up to the tapas bar for a nightcap... and so ends day two.

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Gordon Graft said...

Sounds like the beginning of another great festival. Nobody does it like Frome does it. Fact.