Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine Night at Frome Poetry Cafe sparkled like a glitter-ball on Wednesday as some of our most popular regulars stepped in when featured guest poet Robbie Vane was sadly indisposed. We had handbags and gladrags from Muriel Lavender, list-mistress extraordinaire Jo Butts, and a posy of lovely Roses: Rosie Finnegan, Rosie Jackson, and Rose Flint ~ and nine fantastic open-mic contributers too. Prizes went to Linda Perry, Rick Rycroft, and Holly Law whose superb poem 'Quiet Quiet' was especially appreciated. A hugely enjoyable evening, let's do it all again soon!

"One Billion Women Violated Is An Atrocity,One Billion Women Dancing Is A Revolution." Women were dancing on Valentine's day throughout the world, with Frome Rising too. But only Frome celebrates the saint of courtly love by lighting a Victorian gas-lamp... just another of the things that make this quirky town so endearing...

A preview on Friday of A Fragile World, mixed media installation by 'weird stuff artist' Hans Borgonjon, a combination of shards, shadows, and sounds that make subtle subliminal interconnections. The sounds are by Paul Francis, an Australian astronomer who translates the electromagnetic waves of the planets into... well, sounds. Fascinating and mesmeric. The exhibition is on at Owl in Catherine Hill, with lots of other intriguing arty stuff too.

Frivolous footnote: Frome hit the national press recently when Nigella Lawson tweeted she'd been shopping in Deadly is the Female, our 'vintage-inspired' emporium of fantastic frocks, which is my tenuous link for including a picture of valentine night at the Grange in my own little number from Deadly... as you see, no concessions to Lent here.

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