Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes I see a show that's so mindblowingly imaginative and all-round fabulous I come out not knowing what to say except that everyone should see it, which is how I feel about Borges and I by Idle Motion, so if it's not sold out do get to Bristol's Brewery Theatre before March 2nd.  Inspired by the words and life of Jorge Luis Borges, this mesmeric and beautiful story takes the notion that "all writing is a continuation of reading and half-forgotten memories" and blends balletic visual theatre with clever and very funny parody in the contemporary storyline ~ a reading group with internal issues. The great tragedy of Borges' life was going blind in his thirties and the production explores this through the relationship of two of the group, but though this strand is deeply moving it's the inspiration of the writer's thought which illuminates this piece throughout. "Catching yourself in the mirror, you know that’s you but there’s another you and not everyone sees it", realises the geek of the reading group at the end... “All men who quote Shakespeare are Shakespeare – we’re all writers and protagonists in this infinite story." An immensely rich experience which will leave you emotionally brimming and with images of fluttering pages and books like birds flying through luminous mists in your mind. And tigers.

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