Monday, April 04, 2011

Frome was officially twinned with The One Show back in that programme's glory days, but I've always maintained it should be twinned with Eden - at least if your idea of paradise is an incredibly creative town made up of bitesize bits of urban energy mingled with local friendliness. When I arrived here and Frome had me at 'hello', I was told my adoptive home doesn't count as Somerset, it's known in that county as The Peoples' Republic of Frome. How great it would be, then, to be literally self-governing - or at least to be able to make future-focussed decisions not ruled by the palsied hand of bickering party politics.
If only we had enough energetic imaginative individuals to stand as independents in our wards at the May elections.... ooh we do. That sounds like something to sing about. It's flashmob time!

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Alon Serper said...

Let's hope our 'People Republic' be real and genuine, unlike the dictatorships that had taken this name.

I prefer the Frome Commune myself.

I am putting here the link for my research creative writing website that I wrote in 2003.

I am really looking forward for Wednesday evening.