Thursday, January 01, 2009

It’s the first day of January and my FB friends....
- Are eating chocolate cake
In a house full of dogs and hangovers
Wishing everyone glucklich dingdong

- Are wearing a woolly hat tis cold today
Reading Plato in bed
Saying happy new year, ya mofos!

- Are baking bread
Having watched a massive firework display
Wishing everyone a brilliant sparkly starry creative and loving new year

- Are yoga-ing by the red sea
Saying thanks for a fun night
And hoping all your dreams come true

- Are wondering why it doesn’t snow in Hong Kong
Yelling Happy New Year from Glastonbury Tor
And wishing everyone all we wish ourselves
(adding confusingly
May you all break eggs with sticks.)

So we made it to the end of the year. And now, slipping between melting ice-caps and teetering past abandoned outlets of retail giants, another precious little New Year tiptoes in. Time for a detox, a reprogramme at the gym, and a new To-Do writing list... my focus is on scripts, with Frome writers' soap Quantock Court scheduled to go out on local radio soon, and my 2 short plays on in Bristol next month.

And if you ever doubted the power of drama to change the world, muse on this titbit from the Blackadder documentary: more than half the regimental goats in the British army are now called Baldrick.

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