Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mostly art, includes some puppetry

We have to be proactive with our culture and support each other or it risks disappearing - not my words tho I wish they were, spoken by drummer Miles Pereira & quoted in the editorial introduction to Encompass, the new arts magazine devised and created by a talented local team comprising Hennessy Slick, Sean Powell, Tchad Findlay & Charlie Jones-West.  The first issue is out, available in all good coffee houses around Frome, looking fabulous and crammed with interviews and photos from all areas of the arts. I'm glad to see 'words' features poetrix Muriel Lavender offering haiku and reflections on male beards: I like them big, long and thick.

Somerset Art Weeks is a massive project, with 116 Open Arts studios and galleries across the county including, despite Frome being virtually a Peoples' Republic with our own arts trail in the festival, three galleries in our town.  The wonderful Step in Stone 'multi-stranded artscape' at the Black Swan is part of this, also with walks, talks & workshops at the quarries involved.  Rook Lane has photographs of empty buildings entitled Forsaken by Kirsten Cooke plus Creation, lines in dream time by painter Andrew Palmer. At Silk Mill there's a stunning diversity of media in Songs from the Land, including paintings, installation, stained-glass, pots and artisan clothes ~ a wonderfully joyful collection so do go, you have till Saturday...

If you like your political parody surreal and cartoonishly bizarre, Green Ginger has just the show for you: Outpost, co-produced with Tobacco Factory Theatres & Nordland Visual Theatre, has returned from their European tour and is on at the Brewery until 24th October.  Clever puppetry by three actors and a dreamlike set tell the tale of two border guards propelled by fallout from an exploded television into an underworld where the cruel absurdity of boundaries is starkly revealed... A fable of the folly of borders, shopping channels, and loyalty to an evil psychotic leader with a stiff hairdo & a handbag. A bit late for the last, sadly, but a clever piece of theatre reminding us, if you ever need reminding, that the hills were here before us.  image Adam DJ Laity

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