Saturday, May 09, 2015

when a green dream becomes a horror show

Friday was a good night to see Little Shop of Horrors in a monstrously funny new production at Salisbury Playhouse. The basic storyline of this 1982s American musical is familiar - up to a point: Boy-meets-girl-but-hides-yearning, Girl-finally-realises-this-is-true-love, Boy-sells-soul-for-fame-in-Faustian-pact-involving-Macbethian-murder-spree, Girl-eaten-by-giant-triffid.  So no chance of being bored by sentimental clichés.
Apologies for spoiler if you've only seen the film, in which a softer ending was imposed, but whether you know the outcome or not, this terrific show is well worth seeing: for the evocative Skid Row set, great 80s costumes, amazing puppetry with the terrorising tendrilled alien, marvellous musical numbers, and electric acting by everyone from the doo-wop  street urchins ~think Greek-chorus Crystals~ to the plant-crossed lovers (Ben Stott and Frances McNamee). A special mention has to go to Jez Unwin as the dastardly dentist.  Directed by Gareth Machin, this is at the Playhouse till May 16th then transferring to Colchester for another month: Definitely recommended!

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