Monday, May 11, 2015

The P word

I can't really avoid it, since everything human is political, even shopping, and certainly arts: not in an overt sense necessarily, but by making the world we want to live in, entertaining & connective as well as socially aware. But this post is uniquely political, because on Saturday something almost incredible and totally fantastic occurred: Frome eliminated party politics from the town council. Independents for Frome consolidated four years of strong presence by taking every one of the 17 seats available, despite opposition from 32 party-line candidates ~ Conservatives, Lib-Dems, Ukip & Labour, not one got a single seat.
 So here's the start of a long night of partying as the news filtered through (fittingly starting at the Cornerhouse, where the dream first took shape) and here's me incredibly happy to be living in the Independent State of Frome. As Macauley might have writ:
And still their names will sound stirring
  Unto the men & women of Frome,
As the trumpet-blast that cries to them       
  To charge the politicians home;
And we will all still pray to Juno
  For boys & girls with hearts as bold
As these who kept the town so well
  In the brave days of old.

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