Sunday, September 29, 2013

That was the week that wasn't.

Rose Flint and Graham Hartill are an awesome combo and Frome's Poetry Cafe was privileged to welcome both as guests at our Equinox session. They've both published collections to critical acclaim and both work on the Creative Writing for Therapy course in Bristol. Graham has worked extensively in prisons too, and believes 'poetry pops up like mushrooms in unexpected places.'
As well as two strong sets each from our guests, we had nine great readings, from popular local poets like Helen Moore, Rick Rycroft and Linda Perry as well as some fine debut performers.

Since that night I have been histrionically ill all week ~ not me being histrionic, the virus has been histrionic, it's a Demon Diva. The call-out doctor (what an amazing service! big thumbs up to NHS) diagnosed a triple whammy of causes each one of which would have been quite enough thankyou and maybe not left me shivering and sweating simultaneously, muzzy-headed and fumbling around like a geriatric zombie.I knew it was just a virus but it felt more like I'd had a mini-stroke or a mega-accident with brain injury - I couldn’t seem to find a way to get back into me... So, in short, my week was simply cancelled.

I'll leave you with this nice quote from Philip Pullman in the Journal of the Society of Authors: 
"Politicians talk about 'the basics', by which they mean the ability to spell correctly and write grammatically. But that's not basic at all. You can correct that sort of thing at the last minute. What is truly basic is the attitude to language from the way you're brought into it. .... Picture books do more than anything else to help this happen - if we let them."

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