Thursday, October 04, 2012

Theatre West's new season at the Alma Tavern Theatre based on locations in the Bristol A-Z is off to a cracking start with Steve Hennessy's Sleep Lane ~ already awarded a 5 star review from Remotegoat. A taxi driver takes a mysterious Greek businessman home late and becomes involved an extraordinary triangle of love, sex and money, played out at the gates of an affluent house in a leafy lane on the edge of town. Is anything in Sleep Lane real, or is it all just a dream where money grows on the trees?
This tightly-written play is stimulatingly thought-provoking on the economic crisis spreading out from Greece, but each character has a journey too and their stories are all fascinating and empathetically engaging. Alan Coveney is compelling as flawed dream-maker Yannis, Joe Shire as cabbie Jason brilliantly evokes poignancy as well as comedy, and Violet Ryder is simply stunning as Helen, half human half goddess... 5 stars? That's a Yes from me too.

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