Sunday, April 08, 2007

Kalo Paskha.
We spent the four days of Easter in Plakias, walking headlands saturated with wild flowers and lazing on beaches by vivid blue bays... the sun has been fantastic.
Kate Newmann, who I'd met in London, sorted out a great studio apartment just outside the resort for us, and our lovely landlady Pagona invited us to join the family for an Easter Sunday feast.
Much food, wine,and mirth though we understood very little of the conversation, but responding to frequent toasts with 'stin i yasas' seemed to be ok.

Last night was another highlight: spending the evening with Kate and her mother and two friends, all of them poets from Donegal, sharing words spoken and read, gentle but the same sumptuous generosity. Plakias has been good to us. We leave tomorrow, early, for Frangokastelli.

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