Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hi from an internet in Paleochora, where we arrived last night after a fantastic wonderful week walking from Plakias via Frangokastello, Hora Sfakion, and Loutro, to Agia Roumeli, spending a couple of days in each place to explore, enjoy, and write.
The next section is for extreme trekkers only so we'd planned to take the ferry but a sudden change from blissful sunshine to choppy seas kept us captive in this tiny roadless village for 3 days... Not a lot to do, and we were the only tourists in this film-set resort as the Samaria Gorge, which it services, isn't yet open since White Mountain snow-melt is still pouring down. We explored the old village, found a Byzantine church built on an ancient chapel, and spent a brilliant day at Agios Pavlos (buildings 2: 10th century chapel and beach bar; population 1: articulate beach-philosopher Georgios who runs the beach bar.)
Big relief when a ferry finally arrived - even though we had to reschedule from Sougia. It's good to have a change of pace in this lively hippyish town - we even found a music bar where we could dance... Today we beachbummed on the nearly-deserted sands, and tomorrow we're off on our cliff walks again.

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