Monday, March 05, 2007

You don't always tell the truth to tell a truth, says James Nash at the start of his brilliant session on Sunday. He puts careful emphasis on the 5th and 9th words in a way my browser doesn't allow me to do, and we all nod sagely. There are 12 of us, gathered on the big sofas in Christies, discovering how to use personal secrets in our writing. 'You can't write honestly if you're not being honest with yourself' James says, and after the workshop he shares some of his own lucid & lucent integrity. A great ending to an inspirational day.
Checking my onomatopoeia clip, I'm pleased to see it's clocked up 199 hits now - and Howard has put 3 more DVD tracks on Youtube: Local Honey, Hot Night, and What's it like for you? They're all short, and need some more hits so do take a quick look.
And it's March at last! Only a couple of weeks before Peter & I heave on our rucksacks and set off for Crete, to spend 5 weeks walking and writing... The horizon dream-image that sustained us through a dismal February is wading through the shallows towards us; time to start thinking seriously about euros and socks.
Workshop at Centerparcs last week gave me a chance to defy the drizzle in the wild water rapids but I'm hoping we'll see a bit more sun in Chania (puerile link I know but I wanted to use the pic).

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