Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A theatrical theme to this entry: Sunday’s ‘Scratchings’ at the Merlin was a chance for me & Howard to show more of our DVD stuff (& brag 163 hits so far on onomatopoeia) and to see others' work, like the brilliant hip-hop drama from StetsaPhunk.
One of the reasons Frome’s Merlin Theatre is seen as a model of good practice is director Paula’s determination to gather a diverse creative team and then to nourish them. The annual Merlin Salon fr’instance, and as Nicki from the deli did the catering we were particularly well-nourished at the Orchardleigh work-party this week, with less than a hyphen separating the work from the party.

Conversations are focussed but wide-ranging & provocative: the impact of technology on performance, for example. Neil thinks skills for appreciating 3-D space are getting less as people relate increasingly to 2-D screen space and ways of editing time are largely TV based. We’re moving into an autistic world, he believes; as technology designed by people on the autistic spectrum will ultimately shape our experiences. Annabelle agrees: children are missing out on kinaesthetic learning. All the more important to involve them, then, with physical performance which can help them engage with the aesthetic of real space – and develop that muscle of creativity we’re all born with. I’m reminded of the discussion at Friday’s ArtsMatrix mentors’ meeting in Bristol: Jo Larsen asserting "Acting is actually being. We’re born with a mission to be seen and heard for who we are, and acting enables us to find and show that person.”

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