Sunday, September 27, 2020

The respite trip: week 1

Three weeks away from England, as a boost for the inevitable stress and coldness to come, that was the plan as we set sail last Sunday to Santander, in Steve's motorhome, next day heading southward to a campsite on the coast near Cadiz. For total respite, my chronicle of the days was limited to haiku form. Here's a smattering:


Mountainous highways

Caravaggio landscapes

We're in Northern Spain.

Palencia now 

Quiet in evening sunshine

walking through the park

Windmill farm land here 

stick-legged beasts straddling 

this flat hill-top land 


Ampudia stroll:

underground grain stores, 

revamped ancient town 

Look! big glinting wings

soar and swoop in the dense blue 

a golden eagle


Flat pale cornfields

more than hours drive today 

down to Cáceres

Fast highway southwest:

Old town tour, wine and tapas

- sudden thunderstorm!


Only a short drive:

 Zafra Aire, Dia close by -

pizza/movie night


Sanlúcar campsite 

as great as we remembered! 

 wander to the beach


Walking the long beach

seriously azure sky

champagne sand, and beer


Lazy day, hottest yet -

late in the day, long beach walk

back to town, to eat :-)

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