Thursday, April 30, 2015

false flags, bunting, and bluebells

I'm opening with a response to the talk at Westway cinema on Sunday so if you're one of those Mark Twain had in mind when he said "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled" then skip this bit, there's a picture of a cuddly toy further down.
What's really interesting about the talk by Richard Gage about 9/11 Truth is he sticks to the facts. He's a architect, and he knows about steel strengths and responses, he knows how buildings collapse. He doesn't use the C worlds like coverup or conspiracy, he uses a flowchart ~ which my inner logician loved ~ to show the analytic process the investigation should have followed instead of disposing of extensive evidence as waste and ignoring hours of eye-and-ear witness accounts of explosions. It's a fact too that the lift shafts, best place for detonators, were under maintenance at the time by a new firm which afterwards disbanded, and that the buildings were massively insured against terrorism shortly before the attack.
And why talk about it now? Because as Richard Gage says, Every major war has been started by a false flag operation, and in the words of Martin Luther King, "a time comes when silence is betrayal."  Richard is off to present his talk in Brussels now, congratulations to Sheila Coombes for bravely putting Frome forward as one of only three places in the UK ready to listen.

In other news:
Jazz Jam at the Cornerhouse on Sunday too, and on Monday an excellent evening with Warminster Writers' Circle talking about writing short plays with this friendly, very witty group.

Frome Arts Society spring exhibition is currently showing at Rook Lane Arts - some great paintings here.
And in another part of the forest, the Share Shop opening night another brilliant concept ~ non-ownership. Here you simply drop in to borrow a tool or a toy that you can't afford to buy or don't want to possess forever. How Frome is that! From skateboards, keyboards, and golf-clubs to household tools, it's all there, and big credit to the Edventure team and to Johannes for bringing our town one step nearer to sensible consumerism.

Hunting Raven Books was chosen as Julia Donaldson
Independent Bookshop of the Month, with a visit from the Gruffalo to celebrate, and although this being an arts blog I generally avoid matters political, I'm including this image of me with Theo Simon at the LoopdeLoop pop-up curry-house in the Grain yard.

Ending this posting with a sunny photo jaunt to Bradley Wood and Longleat ~ thanks Mike Witt for the trip.

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