Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brass Works and Woolworths

Brass Works Theatre arrived on the scene last year, introducing itself as 'South Gloucestershire's first professional theatre venue', a tag which must please South Gloucestershire Council who support them but may confuse anyone unaware it's actually in Bristol (on the Keynsham side.  I'm adding this detail for benefit of Fromies, as it's only about a 40 minute drive since you miss out the Brislington snarl-up.)  Anyway, the unprepossessing exterior now contains a 90 seater venue nominated for The Stage 'Fringe Theatre of the year' award, run by Adrian Harris who also wrote, directed and acts in, their current production Flat Packed.  Rosie and I as founders of Nevertheless Productions (tag: 'Somerset's first and only pub theatre') naturally approve of all initiatives to support new writing and bring professional performances to obscure venues, so we went along. The story is played out in three scenes, each operating as a snapshot in time for three friends who thought they knew themselves and each other but who find their lives, as so often, are happening while they're making plans.... Setting the play in 2008 supports the wider social theme of the drama: the increasingly dire economic situation and immoral military invasions all began with a fatal lack of transparency.  It's a thought-provoking concept but the three actors, Dan Gaisford, Amanda Madison and Adrian, find warmth and heart in the story too ~ and quite a few laughs.  It's on till Saturday 21st June (including matinee that date) so if you too mourn the demise of Woolworths, you can book online.

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