Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the words of some of the enthusiastic audience posting late Monday night on facebook, Come Rhyme With Me at the Garden Cafe was "Fabulous... LOADS of fun... Really enjoyed - A culinary delight... a buzz for all in the melee and audience... a wonderfully fun event" and in case this sounds like all we did was make 'em laugh inordinately all night, "The themes of the competitors were unique, yet convergent. Synergy was the order of the evening. It is wonderful to see a respect for the power of poetry."
Huge thanks to wonderful Rosemary Dun, Alison Clink, and Muriel Lavender for embracing so whole-heartedly this quirkiest poetry competition ever, and mega congratulations to our stunning and popular winner Muriel!

And on to the Cornerhouse, for Griff's fabulous band The Dempseys, "jazzy blues with loadsasoul" and a bit of a dance.

Cornerhouse again on Tuesday, to see Brenton versus Brenton, "David Tristram's madcap spoof of American soaps ~ a crazy roller coaster of family feuding, legal chicanery and inept hit-men. Late slot nightly laughter from Frome Drama Club." I hired a hitman to kill my wife and my daughter was his payment! roars advertising executive Deke Brenton, adding reflectively I guess that doesn't make me much of a family man, thus summing up the plot & characterisation style of a farce which in its best moments delivered wonderfully ridiculous Airplane!-ish word-play. Dan Gaisford as the brother-in-law attorney shone in this interestingly traverse-staged revival.


Downstage Write said...

You are looking fabulous in that pic and this needed to be commented on! I think I missed you at the Theatre West readings the other week, but hopefully I shall see you again soon x

Crysse said...

Yes, I missed the Theatre West readings sadly, but for the rather wonderful reason that I was on a Cosmic Walk (blogged below) ~ look forward to seeing you in some of the Autumn productions? And thanks for your nice comment xc