Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bliss it was to be alive,
but to be a bit less ill was very heaven,
as Wordsworth might have mused in East Woodlands bluebell woods at dusk and a new moon rising. Thanks Emily, thanks everyone. And more reason to be cheerful in the inspirational success of Frome Independents in the town council election - sweeping in with 10 out of the 17 seats. As world-travelling writer Roger says, Tunis, Egypt, Frome.... maybe hope for all of us - although, with the dejecting news our nation sees no point a fairer voting system, maybe not.

To brighter thoughts:
NIE is the wonderfully innovative theatre group that knocked my socks off last year with their promenade show Everything Falls Apart, so I was avid to see their new production Tales from a Sea Journey at the Tobacco Factory as part of Mayfest. Like all their shows, it's fast-paced, high-energy, and hugely entertaining, using live music and intermingling various cultures and languages to create a colourful patchwork of emotional experiences. Their inspiration this time is a real sea voyage taken by the group in 2009, embellished with tales both encountered and invented. These range from ferociously funny black comedy to moving domestic cameos, and combine to create an exciting show that despite its random elements feels satisfyingly complete.

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