Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's been a week of dark magic at Rook Lane, with an exhibition of Angela Carter illustrations and other celebrations. Rose Flint, Annette Schwalbe, and I had great fun as subversive Surprise Fairy poets at the showing of Company of Wolves, that iconic classic movie shot in traumavision leaving no cliché of sexual awakening unturned. Angela Landsbury seemed welcome respite in hope of a Murder to Wrote about, but she too succumbed to repetitive special effects and dreadful soundtrack. Never trust a man who treads on a hedgehog, or a movie about dreams within dreams.
Diversity is the spice of festival, and a more cheerful enchantment was on offer in Life Coach Annie Lionnet’s workshop on how to Create Your Ideal Life. "You'll come away with sky-high confidence" was the brochure promise, and the session certainly delivered. Reasons for coming – “stuck”, “lost impetus” and “wanting change” were typical – after two hours had shifted dramatically to expressions of self-belief and positivity. An inspirational workshop, as promised, giving tips and exercises to do again and become your own ‘life coach’. Maybe I'll see you in Barcelona, Kate....

Reviews are gathering on the Frome Festival NEWS page as the week rolls splendidly on, with a splendid fanfare for Somerset's first Pub Theatre, launched by Rosie Finnegan and me.
"The newest addition to Frome Festival - pub-theatre - started brilliantly with a dark and shocking tale of vampires, literary critics and the battle between good and evil. Upstairs at The Lamb provided am intimate venue for 'St Nicholas' by Conor McPherson, brilliantly performed by Matt Ward who held the audience in the absolute stillness of shock and suspense even through the distraction of a very hot night. Great night out - felt like a bit of Edinburgh Fringe fallen in from the North, all gritty and sparkly with velocity. Big thanks to Nevertheless Productions for guiding this meteor into Frome."
And thanks to Rose Flint for blowing our trumpet, and to the audience for their enthusiastic feedback: "brilliant... spellbinding... gripping... captivating... compelling... stunning... wicked!... I felt completely involved with every word - a truly memorable evening."

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