Saturday, May 29, 2010

"brilliant acting and brilliant writing"
"thoroughly enjoyable"
"clever to embrace a serious theme with humour - really worked"
"enjoyed the dialogue and its poetic quality"
"LOADS of food for thought - need to see it again"
"fabulous: funny, thoughtful,sad, encouraging and above all, entertaining"
"wonderful! So much in it!!"
"so enjoyed - would love to see the script so I can absorb it more deeply"
"innovative.. atmospheric...biting, courageous and hopeful"
"really original idea well written and acted"
Yes, it's the end of the week-long run of Vampire Nights at the Alma Tavern, where Love Bites shared a double bill with Conor McPherson's monologue St Nicholas. I'm immensely appreciative of everyone who gave me such supportive feedback on my play - those are all from personal emails to me, there's more audience feedback on the whole event at Stepping Out Theatre Company website - wonderful comments like "Wow, what a performance! One of the very best shows I have seen at the Tavern" and much well-deserved praise for Matt's unforgettable and mesmeric monologue performance. So mega-thanks to cast and crew and everyone who came.

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