Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's impossible to fly out of Dublin without consuming truffles. Routes to departure gates are lined with samples and coffee comes with a plump choc. I'm home now after a workshop at Chrysalis Holistic Centre in Wicklow, extending my trip by 2 days to stay with college friend Jenny who cossetted me and took me long windblown walks on the beach at Howth.

November I always find a tough month; this year another severance, yet paradoxically recent workshops have all been amazing and uplifting. The twelve scribes at Chrysalis shared profound and powerful words.
I'll remember the weekend for rain, porridge, candlelight, and unforgettable writing.

Merlin Theatre productions are famous in the panto world, thanks to Claudia Berry who waves her magic wand over these wildly popular events. This year there's a writerly tie-in: Snow White Poetry Night at the Garden Cafe on December 3rd - a wide-ranging collection (I hope) of open mic contributions on a suitably seasonal theme. Best on the night, as picked out by theatre director Paula, win prizes of tickets and vouchers for goodies at the show - come if you can, we start 7.30pm.

This month's Writers Circle was at Sue's; an indulgence of good listening and an update from Mike-the-mic on the return of Frome Radio on Friday (23rd) for a week to lead up to the Frome Spectacular, our street-party start to the festive season. By popular demand there's a repeat of "Quantock Court", an everyday tale of Fromie folk - sort of The Archers meets Secrets and Lies - co-scripted under overall guidance of Matthew (Life on Mars) Graham. Haz and I wrote our episodes during a memorable weekend in Amsterdam. When it was first broadcast (Quantock Court that is, our Amsterdam w/e escapades were mercifully never aired) drivers reported arriving late at destinations as they'd had to pull over rather than go out of range and miss the rest of the episode... pretty good feedback, I'd say. It's on daily 10.30-11.00 and 6.30-7.00pm. There's also a new series of Local Story Tellers 12.00-12.30 weekdays, repeated 7.30-8.00pm - full details here at Mike's new blog.

Posting pix on my Facebook I find Ben has called me a spleeny, clapper-clawed barnacle. I respond that he's a fitful, toad-spotted rampallion. Good old Shakespearean Insult Generator, not just there for the bad things in life.

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