Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Day 5 in the Frome Festival, and most of the Words@ group are in the town... (which gives away my secret vice, but only to those who are also secretly & viciously addicted to BB...)
I'm still fizzing from Monday night - reckoned by Elvis "One of the most enjoyable gigs I've done in ages and a great evening all round."

Here's a gallery of images sent by Jan Moreland who came up from Glastonbury to cheer us all on - Dave, Hazel, Rose, Emily, me & Elvis. And the audience. Rapt? They were cling-filmed.

'Desert Island Reads' on Wednesday afternoon is a new event on the Frome Festival calendar. It's based on an idea I pinched from the Mere festival: authors reading from their own favourite authors, giving glimpses of the fascinations and passions that have inspired their own writing. Despite the fact - or because of it - no-one knew what anyone else had brought, the format was really successful - an amazing diversity of literary gems from Pip Utton, Debby Holt, Lindsay Clarke Helena Drysdale Andrew Miller Rosie Jackson John Payne and Steve Voake - and with chocolate pecan brownies too.

Andrew, Lindsay and Debby combined again in the evening to read and discuss their own work - a happy replacement at 26 hours notice for Salley Vickers.
'I think we got better than what we came for' I overheard in the leaving audience. Bouquets to organiser Rosie Jackson for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat - or at least a fine event from near debacle.

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