Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Difficult beginnings bode great success" quoted Dina our Course Director as we traipsed like an abject line of drowned rats into the Skyros Centre. The heavens unzipped at Athens and remained fully open for business all the way to the island. Hot soup and radiators never looked so good in Greece.
Amazingly - or was it amazing? I should trust spells on Skyros by now - she was right. Last's week's writing group was simply fabulous, one of the best I've ever enjoyed leading - and that's saying something.

And it's never just about the courses in this magical place. There was dancing, drumming & singing, yoga every morning, fab food, much mirth, beautiful walks and blissed-out beach-babing.
But my writing group was special; great voices and lovely people, and their affirmations will leave me on a high for quite a while.
I won't blog the messages they gave me at an incredible end-of-course meal at Tomas' beach restaurant but, since I promised I would, here are the words they chose for our week's 'creative writing' journey together:
"Exhilerating" ... "enlightening" ... "heartwarming" ... "affirming" ... "dynamic" ... "inspiring" ... "unfolding & awakening"... thanks, guys. You too.
So here's a few glimpses of the terrace where we met - the beach - greek lesson with Martha - and a working lunch, Skyros style.

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