Monday, October 09, 2006

Hazel, my writer friend, and I were discussing the function - or do I mean the mystic hypnotic power - of blogs while we were walking in Longleat yesterday = that's us by the blue tree. She's been blogging for a while, giving the rundown of her training for the big HepC trek in Nepal later this month (see side panel). I'm interested that writers, on the whole, have been slow to subscribe to this new means communication - I suppose it seems a bit of a busman's holiday, to some, to scrawl on screen without commission or payment. But the current issue of the journal of the Society of Authors includes a cautious endorsement from 'Three authors who blog'. Purposes are varied. Shoo Raynor has used his to mourn the passing of his cat and extol the benefits of giving up milk. For Norman Geras it was the 'fun' aspect that hooked him. The beauty of a blog, he points out, is you can do what you want with it and you don't have to answer to an editor, or submit to copy-editing either. Tim Heald has another take entirely: the commercial motivation of posting reports that will encourage speaker's agencies to contact him.
I guess there are as many reasons for blogging as for writing anything - Primo Levi whittled that down to 9 but maybe the actual figure is closer to the number of literate humans on the planet - and they're all aspects of the same essential impulse: to yell at a confusing and often indifferent world "I'm here" and to whisper to ourselves "This is me."
My name is Crysse and I am a blogger...

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