Saturday, September 16, 2006

This week's highlight has to be the EXPOSED performance poetry event at the Merlin, a one-night only stop in this Apples&Snakes national tour which premiered in Birmingham to rave reviews - well, the You-Write review in The Independent was enthusiastic: "Poetry has enjoyed something of a renaissance lately, and with these performers the art form is in safe hands" observed Ben McNair from Lichfield, and I hoped the Frome audience would feel the same. I'm so pleased to have grabbed the wonderful Elvis McGonnegal as MC, and he led off brilliantly with caustic wit about politicians both sides of the Atlantic. The Exposed team - Yusra Warsama, Stickman, Claire Williamson, David J, and Polarbear - all gave powerfully moving performances and the whole event was dazzlingly polished. Afterwards some of the audience joined the poets in the bar for an impromptu 'post-show chat' and it was fascinating to hear how the concept was realised. Polarbear told us how the poets had explored the 'exposed' theme at a weekend retreat in Dorset. "And then we all ran in different directions as far as we could" he said; "We knew if we do this, we've got to do it well."
What a privilege, for me, to perform alongside this line-up!

And now I'm off to do some gardening, while the sun still shines. Next week is the Lit Up spoken word showcase in Kendal where the delegate list looks like a poetry Who's Who, and I'm going to be listening to them all, so watch this space...

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